Nutrition for Gestational Diabetes

If you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, knowing what to eat might seem daunting. This course will help you achieve nutritional balance and improved blood sugar management for a healthy pregnancy.
After completing this 40 minute course, you will: 
1) Have a better understanding of what gestational diabetes is and potential complications.
2) Identify carbohydrate sources and how they effect blood sugar.
3) Learn carbohydrate counting for portion control.
4) Understand how to structure your meals.
5) Know the importance of exercise as appropriate.
6) Know what to expect postpartum.
After completing a brief exam at the end, you will be awarded a certificate of completion that can be used as documentation for your physician. 
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Elissa Lueckemeyer RDN, LD
Elissa is a registered dietitian, owner of Food 4 Success, LLC, wife, mother, and messy cook. She has a passion for spreading credible nutrition knowledge, and cutting through the heaps of diet misinformation out there by practicing the lastest in scientific, evidence-based nutrition. She also believes in the power of a good relationship with food for life-long health results, rather than temporary dieting that is not sustainable. She loves making courses for people of all different backgrounds and levels of nutritional knowledge to spread credible information. Thank you for checking out our page!
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